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January 23, 2021, 08:05 PM

Panel: The K12 experience of parents of trans kids across Utah districts

Panel Overview: This panel features parents of trans students across Utah school districts.

The aim is to hear diverse parent voices to compare experiences across districts and age ranges so that we can better understand challenges and celebrate successes throughout Utah.

Topics that may be addressed include: How to gauge whether a school, a principal, and teachers are trans affirming or not, and what to do when they are not. How to support a child's transition at school. Can transitions happen all at once during the school year? What about summer or winter break? Do parents need to consider starting new at a new school? How out can our kids safely be as trans? What are parent perspectives on the experiences of trans kids in Utah who are closeted versus those who are openly trans, and the gradations in between? How out are we as parents? How to find community in schools as the parent of a trans kid. How to leverage schools to connect with allies and other parents Legal and administrative hurdles such as name changes and district IT systems, bathrooms, and challenges from other parents Examples of positive and affirming experiences trans kids and their families have experienced in Utah schools. What can educators do to really make a difference in the lives of trans students.

Intended audience: LGBTQ+ affirming educators, parents, and community allies with a focus on parents with trans kids and their educators

Intended Outcomes: To create awareness concerning the struggles Utah trans kids face in K12 schools, particularly those in less progressive districts To find ways to use the experience of more progressive districts to identify mentors and create roadmaps for districts that are less affirming. To help educators see from a parent point of view the most effective ways to create safe spaces and positive visibility for trans students To bring people together as friends and allies on the topic of how best to support trans youth

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